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Mate of an Ape part 2 :iconkaiaber:Kaiaber 1 2
Mature content
Mate of an Ape :iconkaiaber:Kaiaber 3 4


Ape Me Up Inside (Orangutan Mind-Swap)
It was a warm and balmy morning, as the sun peaked through the window cracks of a certain writer's home. This writer went by the handle "Monkey-Scientist", but was more often referred to by his actual name: James. The man snored, as he remained covered by his bedsheets. After a while, James' eyelids began to flutter open. With a big stretch and a loud grunt, James flung off his bed-sheets.
To James, noting appeared out of the ordinary. Despite James not seeming to notice anything was wrong, there was definitely something about him that changed. In fact, everything about him at changed in the course of one night! James' human form had been replaced with of a large hairy ape, an orangutan to be precise.
James' new ape form was rather hefty, weighing in at least 200 pounds. His body stood at about 4 feet and a half tall, which made his rather hefty weight far more apparent. His stomach was round, rather flabby, and covered in thick strands of reddish-orange hair. The very same shaggy hair
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 10 92
The Worst Enemy (Miitopia Twerkey TF)
When it comes to video-games, it is always the players who play it. However, what would happen if the game was to play the player? Well, such a situation would soon befall one such player. James your normal everyday man, who loved playing video-games. The 20-something young adult wore a red and black short sleeve shirt, along with a pair of blue jeans. He stood at about 5 feet 11 inches tall, and had shaggy brown hair.
James was enjoying a new game he had purchased recently: Miitopia! The plot of the game was that a Dark Lord had stolen everybody's faces and put them on monsters. While making his way through the game, James eventually came across the worst monster of them all: The Twerkey! This was a turkey with a face on his enormous butt. Worse still, the bird would gyrate its swollen rump back and forth, in a motion known as "twerking". This feathery fiend's fat fanny flabbergasted James, to the point where he shut the game off.
"Ugh... That is literally the stupidest monster ever!"
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 7 82
An Enthusiast's Hobby by Mytransformations An Enthusiast's Hobby :iconmytransformations:Mytransformations 18 0 Soy Milk by R3paired Soy Milk :iconr3paired:R3paired 19 12 Neopets - Tormunds Father by GoldPaladinSevlow Neopets - Tormunds Father :icongoldpaladinsevlow:GoldPaladinSevlow 36 25
Mature content
Double Crossed---- Woman to Ape TF :iconmajoras1st:majoras1st 14 3
The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav The Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconursulav:ursulav 20,938 5,035
Play With Sora
Sora is an adorably plump and plush shiny flygon. She enjoys eating and making friends as much as she likes belly rubs and snuggling... Which is a lot.
She doesn't like it when people get scared by her unbelievable jaw strength; she can crush steel between her teeth with ease.
She sometimes has trouble flying due to her love of food and a lack of excercise.
Why Don't you play with her?
you can:
-Feed her
-Give her belly rubs
:iconnoahthedarkrai:NoahTheDarkrai 3 74
Aros' fatty paw by saber-th Aros' fatty paw :iconsaber-th:saber-th 27 7
The Need to Know
by Biffiea
      If Joseph had been told that morning that he would be at the center of a rupture of the space time continuum, and that one could in fact break the laws of physics, not only would he have not believed it, but the college kid probably wouldn't have even been able to fully comprehend what was being said to him. Joe had gone to college if for no other reason that he felt he should. Leaving high school, he didn't really feel that now was the time to start learning to take over the family restaurant, so he soon found himself in the university of Washington idling his way through liberal arts degree.
      "Now the motivations behind King Richard's involvement with the crusades..."
      'Why am I here?' Joseph though to himself. 'I don't care about European history.' His eyelids closed a bit in the manner of someone who's thoroughly bored out of their mind. Yes there was a reason
:iconbiffiea:biffiea 25 25
Differences by pallottili Differences :iconpallottili:pallottili 2,468 785
A Little Bit of Programming
A bit of programming
by biffiea
Warning, this story contains a ton of weight gain. If you do not like such content, don't read the story.
            Something had to be done about this situation. Gomamon could hardly stand it anymore! All his trainer did all day was sit there re reading that darn text book! "Darrel? Can you even hear me?" he shouted from his position next to the bed.
             "What? Gomamon, I have to study, I have a test next week and I've only read this chapter through twice!" Darrel was a High School Sophomore, one very concerned with his grades and with his routines.
            "Yeah, you've read it through twice! People make straight A's in high schools without ever touching their text books, you can afford to take one night off and... I don't know, watch tv or surf the intern
:iconbiffiea:biffiea 44 18
More Like a Whale
Light looked around the park. It was hot, like always. Central Texas was never a kind place in terms of heat. The number of locals enjoying themselves seemed to indicate that Light was unique in terms of his inability to withstand the unrelenting sun. In short, he didn't care for the weather.
His air conditioning was down, practically a death sentence at the height of summer. Being short on cash, he coped the best way he knew how, a trip to the river. The young man was dressed for the occasion. He only had a blue button up shirt, unbuttoned at the top, some khaki shorts, and burnt orange baseball cap. Nothing out of the ordinary. A little chubby with white hair, but hard to pick out of a crowd.
The weather was slightly better near the river. It made the difference of a few degrees. There wasn't room in the budget right now for a movie, and a trip to the library didn't suit him. “Maybe I'll just jump in the river. That should sort all of this out.”
“Why not?” A v
:iconbiffiea:biffiea 33 14
Spencer woke up chained, feeling two things, groggy from the drug he’d been put under, and the iron restraints around his arms. “Well finally.” He heard a deep feminine voice from a few feet away. Slowly the young man’s eyes opened. “I have to say, normally that only puts people under for four hours, you managed six. I get the feeling you won’t be able to put up much of a resistance.”
With eyes barely focused, the nineteen year old human looked across the room he was in. It looked… expensive. There was very fine carpet, a textured yellow paint job on the wall. Across from him was what looked like a seven foot wide tv… and the fattest digimon he’d ever seen in his life. She must have been six… seven hundred pounds. She looked like something out of the book of world records. Her flabby belly hung down low and wide, down to her knees. She had… tits was the only word, that would shatter any bra. They must have been the
:iconbiffiea:biffiea 43 23
Fat Pokemon Admirer Club 2
Fat Pokemon Admirer Club 2
by biffiea
Warning, This is a fat story. You no like, you no read.
       Elise had almost made it back home. She had been visiting her cousin in a different town. Needing to get more exercise, she had decided to walk there. Now she was seriously regretting that decision. Her legs aced something awful. “Maybe just one more break, I’m almost there anyway.” She sat down and rested against a tree.
       She was twenty, and worked for a local radio station. Being trained to work with computers, she dealt with them almost exclusively. Elise had long brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and was about 5 foot 6 inches. She wore blue jeans, and a button up shirt most of the time. On her belt was a single poke ball, that she pulled out as soon as she sat down.
       “King! Come on out!” The light was released, and solidified into th
:iconbiffiea:biffiea 75 74
Draco Draconis by Lord-DracoDraconis Draco Draconis :iconlord-dracodraconis:Lord-DracoDraconis 20 0


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Jacob and I sat on our perch staring out onto the walkway of the zoo. The first rays of morning were already appearing over the zoo. My eyes were half closed as I thought about the last two years.

True to my word, I made being a gorilla great. Jacob and I became instant stars in my first few days at the zoo.

People came from all over to see the famous gorillas. The zoo was saved and even made enough money to make some much needed improvements.

They had new expanded exhibits and new attractions. Jacob and I, being the star attractions, got ourselves a special exhibit that was open air with lush trees and plants. Even a small waterfall that flowed into a pool. We even had a special perch that we liked to sit on. We were elevated so that everyone could see us.

Jessie was even made our personal caretaker, or as I liked to call her, our assistant.

The best part was since we were the stars of the zoo, we got anything we wanted. However, even though I can think normal English and my ape-speech translates to perfect English, I lost the ability to read and write. Not that I cared.

I actually started to like being a gorilla. I loved my large hairy body and strong arms. If I wanted to, I could climb into the upper level of our exhibit. The people loved that. I liked having four hands and a large chest, including the breasts. I liked banging on my chest. The people loved that too. I loved to entertain them. We were famous at the zoo.

But still, the most exciting thing about being a gorilla, was Jacob. I'm going to admit it, I love the guy. I mean, I'm not just going to give myself up to him. We’ve only mated five times in two years and I'm still not pregnant, thank god. I always loved it when he grooms bugs out of my furry back. It always felt so relaxing. In fact, I make sure that my fur is filled with bugs just so he could groom me longer.

I had a better life then I would’ve had as a human. Of course, I had to “pretend” to be a gorilla in front of the crowds. I figured out early on that if anyone did figures out what I am, I would be shipped off to some lab for the rest of my life.

One specialist came by once and tried to teach me sign language. I ended up staring at him for thirty minutes before walking away. No one ever tried again. It's not like I’ll have much to say anyway.

Multiple specialists came by to check me out. I did everything I could to act like a gorilla mostly by imitating Jacob. Soon, I was an expert.

We were scratching our large stomachs when we heard someone come into our exhibit. We were feeling extra lazy that day. It was going to be hard to perform but we would do it. Jessie walked over to us and we got down. We walked over and sat down on our hairy backsides.

“Good news you two. The, zoo won't be opening for today, so you can relax for awhile.” she said before placing some large buckets of fruit at us.

Jacob didn't seem to care much and just started stuffing his face as Jessica left. I for one was glad that we had the day off.

I moved to our private room in the exhibit, which also had a few improvements. Rather than piles of hay, we got old mattresses instead. I may have lost my family, but the life of a gorilla was a good one.

Jacob came into our room and did the usual. He sat behind me and stuck his beefy ape fingers into my back to find bugs to eat. It was relaxing as usual.

(A few hours later)
Jacob and I were in our room doing the usual, just laying around being lazy all day. It was so boring that I eventually went to sleep.

Before I drifted off into dreamland, I saw a shadow loom over me. I just ignored it and went to sleep since I knew it was Jacob, but I was not expecting what he would do next.

I woke up expecting to be in my bed at the zoo, but this was strangely more comfortable and… this a blanket? Wait, I feel strange did my body get….lighter?

I looked myself to find that...I was human again! But, how can that be?! I was at that zoo for two years! Was it all just a dream? I looked outside my door to find a large pile of newspapers in front of it. The latest one dated...two years from when I was human….

Okay Miche- I mean Michael think… you've been a gorilla for two years and now you wake in your bed fully clothed out of nowhere. Did Jacob have something to do with this? If so why? I actually started to enjoy his company. It was the only thing keeping me sane in that zoo.

‘Oh well I guess….’ I thought to myself before plopping back into my dusty old bed. ‘Maybe I'll try and figure this out tomorrow……’

(The next day.)
I was back at the zoo. I was wearing a hood over my head and made sure that no one could see my face just in case someone would recognize me.

I went to the gorilla exhibit to see Jacob, but something was different. There were several police officers around it. I looked past then to find a sign saying that both gorillas were gone!

I mean, I understand me being missing, but why Jacob? This was all too weird to take in, so I decided to head home.

At home, I felt strange. I can't believe I'm saying this but, I actually missed being a gorilla, but not as much as I missed Jacob. What can I say? I grew to love the big oath. I decided to go out for a midnight walk to clear my head.

During my walk, I smelled something strange. It was almost...familiar…
Wait a minute….this is….Jacob?!

I looked around frantically to find the source of the scent. For some reason, it seemed to be coming from every direction. But I had no time to focus on that as my stomach started to ache horribly.

I fell down to my knees clenching my stomach tightly. My clothes grew tight around my body as I broke out into a cold sweat.

My shirt slit open on top of my expanding back as it began to grow brown hair. It started to shift and pop to the point where it was caved in. The brown hair covering it completely.

I couldn't even pay attention due to the pain that I was feeling. Lucky no one was around to see this happening to me.

My arms bulged out with muscle as they were covered with brown hair. I placed one of my growing ape-hands to the sidewalk as it turned a dark grey. My other one still wrapped around my body.

I could slightly feel my aching stomach gain a ton of weight, with didn't help with the pain. It swelled from muffin top to pot belly, and then to a massive, rounded gut. My saggy breasts showing up right above it After all of that, the pain was soothed a bit.

I could actually feel the last of my masculinity being sucked into my body. Being replaced by my old vagina in the process. It felt even more sensitive than last time. It was followed by my legs growing with fat and muscle as they grew a large amount of brown hair and my feet became a pair of large, grey hands.

My deepening voice took on a more feminine tone as my ass plumped next, the cheeks spreading wide as my clit became wet underneath my swelling rear. My teeth then grew pointed and jagged

That's all that I could remember before blacking out anyway

I woke up to the familiar sound of something sniffing me. I opened my eyes to see….Jacob! Not only that, but we were in some kind of jungle…. Was this Jacob’s plan all along? Not that I cared anyway. My lust came back once again, and we both knew what to do about it.

I got on my back, beckoning Jacob to do his work. He did so without hesitation, getting behind me, lining his large dick to my clit. Something tells that we're going to make being a gorilla even more fun from now on...
Mate of an Ape part 2
This was a long overdue sequel to my gift for monkey-scientist. Hope he likes it.

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My name is Michael, at least, that's what it used to be...before the change, but that's not important right now. What is important is how I got to where I am now. It all happened two years ago….

If I can describe one thing about me, it would be that my life sucks. Any chance I had at getting close to a woman has been immediately destroyed, and if I don't get a job soon, I'm gonna lose my home as well. My life couldn't get any worse.

I decided to head to the nearby zoo to drown out all of my problems. I don't know why, but being there always calmed me down for some reason. My favorite animal was always the gorilla, so I decided to go there first.

I looked at the other animals on the way there, and I couldn't help but feel jealousy towards the little gremlins. I'm stuck without a date and only have a few months left before losing my home while they have the right to just sit there lazy asses in their cages with perfect love-lives. They even have free food while their cages are cleaned every day. I knew nothing could be done about it, I am who I am and the creatures are who they are. And I would've gone on thinking that if it wasn't for something spectacular and bizarre that happened to me.

I eventually made it to the gorilla exhibit. It turned to my direction and smiled at me. It was weird, but it didn't feel like the ordinary dumb grin of a animal. It felt more human, something I had never seen even from trained apes.

As the grinning ape stared at me, I found it do something odd. It raised its fingers and started doing sign language. I had learned sign language to better communicate with a couple of my friends who were deaf, but I soon wish I hadn't learned it all. The ape spelled out the words, "You would make a great mate". I nearly gagged at this revelation! I was half-convinced someone had mis-trained this ape. Just when I thought it couldn't get any weirder, the ape winked at me! The smelly black-haired ape seemed rather odd, I had never received such attention from a creature like that before. I decided to leave the awkwardness of the ape enclosure behind, but I was stopped by an unexpected presence.

“Oh...I'm sorry ma’am! I didn't see you there....” she just stared at the gorilla before nodding.

“That's okay sweetie. I'm just here to check up on Jacob. My name is Jessica.  I'm an employee here, and it's my job to make sure that the animals in this area are taken care of properly.” she replied.

“ mistake! I should probably get out of your way now….” I turned to leave the enclosure behind, mainly to get away from that weird ape. Before I could leave, she decided to grab my arm.

“Wait a minute sir. I've noticed that this particular gorilla here has taken quite a liking to you. The way that he grinned at you was something that he would never do to anyone else.”

“Okay…….but what does that have to do with me?”

“Let me give it to you straight. Jacob has been one of the most difficult animals that we had to deal with ever since he came to the zoo. Now, you would think that it is because we recently got him, but he never eats on feeding time, spends most of the time in his corner buried in leaves, and one time...he attacked an employee for trying to give him a bath! It was so bad that the employee never came back. I'm pretty sure that with the attitude that he shows around you, we may finally be able to get things straight with him.”

I had no idea how to reply to that. On one hand, I was finally being offered a job that I could possibly do. On another hand, I'll have to work with this strange gorilla who has obviously been mis-trained.

I gave it a little more thought, and eventually came to the conclusion to just take the risk. She was excited about this, and took me to her boss to fill him in on the details. Looks like a got a new job starting today, and my first task is to test Jessica’s theory

She appeared carrying a bundle of bananas. She handed them to me and took one off and held it out for Jacob to take. He moved towards me and took the fruit. Jessica nearly jumped from excitement. He sat down on his large hairy backside and started eating. I placed the rest of the bananas on the ground and left the room with Jessica. Jacob sat there alone and ate. This job may not be such a pain after all….

*The next day*

“All right Michael, it's Tuesday, which means that the zoo will be closed today so that we can clean out all of the cages and give the animals their baths. Your first job will be to clean the gorilla exhibit and bathe Jacob. Hopefully, he'll stay calm.” Jessica told me.

I walked over and opened the door. At that moment Jessie called out to me,” Leave the cleaning supplies outside so  that the exhibit is not contaminated. I don’t want Jacob getting sick as soon as he comes back.”

I nodded and dropped the bucket by the door. I decided that I would do the glass first since it seemed the least gross.

I grabbed a bottle of windex and a cloth and walked into the exhibit. I passed through the sleeping room which consisted of piles of hay and an empty bowl of water.

The door shut behind me but I didn’t notice. I moved and opened the next door into the real exhibit. I stepped in with the door shutting behind me.

I looked around at the exhibit as I walked to the front where the large glass wall was. The first thing I noticed was that the two side walls were gray cement and the front wall was glass so people could see into the exhibit.

There were two vents on the side walls that let fresh air into the exhibit. It was very green with grass and leaves on the floor and even a large tree in the corner with a tire swing. Vines hung from the ceiling to add decoration and there were other plants and bushes.

I sprayed the cloth and started wiping the glass. It was already kind of clean so I didn’t have much to do. After five minutes of spraying and wiping, I moved on to sweep the floor and that was just about it. I replaced all the hay beds and Jessica brought Jacob in for me to clean him.

I slowly moved the brush to his fur. As soon as I touched him, he barely moved. Jessica and I sighed in relief before she left to check on more exhibits and I just kept on bathing him.

After five minutes of brushing I started to feel itchy. I scratched my side and kept cleaning Jacob. The itching came back and now was on both of my sides. I put down the brush and soap and scratched myself. ‘This uniform is so unconformable.’ I thought.

Soon the itching was unbearable. I tore off the shirt and started scratching myself all over. I was thankful no one was around to see me acting like a lunatic. I looked down and saw that my body was changing.

I stared as brown hair sprouted from my arms and sides. It grew quickly, covering my arms. My hands started to darken from a light brown to a dark gray. As my hands grew darker they grew bigger and thicker. I had no idea what was happening but was transfixed as I watched more things change.

My arms were covered in brown hair and were growing bigger as more muscles formed. Then, I felt my feet starting to hurt. The pain grew worse and I sat down and ripped off my shoes with my oversized hands.

I stared as my socks ripped apart and my feet expanded. Each toe grew longer and darker to match my hands. Soon, my feet had turned into hands that I flexed experimentally.

As I sat there, my pants ripped apart and my legs were covered in a thick brown hair that I knew was fur. My legs also grew thicker with more muscle.

I started grunting like crazy as I felt the changes work themselves into my crotch. Something was happening to my junk, it felt as though it was shrinking. My dick was receding within me, and I found something was forming in its place. It felt wet and foreign, almost like a vagina... Oh no! Was I losing my masculinity as well?

I quickly stood up but found that my upper body was too heavy. I fell downwards to the ground, catching myself with my hands.

I felt my back pop and shift as my spine bent and reformed. My legs shortened slightly. My chest started growing larger and larger. The brown fur spread up to my neck as I watched my chest grow tan and small, lighter hair sprouted over his stomach. I looked down at my nipples to find small mounds surrounding them. They started growing larger and larger until I found out that they were breasts! This proved that I'm becoming a woman now, sort of….

I put my hand on my chest, feeling the small hair as my stomach became rounder and expanded outward like I suddenly gained a lot of weight at once. My new breasts started to sag right on top of it.

My head morphed and deformed as my new fur spread around my head leaving only part of my face clean. My face became darker and leathery like the rest of my body.

I could feel my head change as the top became more pointed. My eyes sunk into my face as my forehead drooped downward. My nose reseeded into my head leaving two large nostrils.

Ny lips grew in size as my mouth expanded outwards. I closed my know dark brown eyes waiting for the changes to stop. I stood there on all fours for about a minute waiting for something to happen. I felt my teeth grow longer and pointier inside my large mouth.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my new body. I was large and hairy with huge arms and chest with a pair of saggy breasts with a wet gorilla vagina. I rushed over to the glass I just cleaned and saw my reflection. I saw a large gorilla staring back at me. Not just any gorilla, but a female one!

I was amazed and horrified by what happened. I ran back to the door I came from and tried to open it up. It held tight. Unknown to me it locked automatically so it was not supposed to be closed while I was inside. It was one of the things Jessie told me but I did not hear.

I banged my large fists on the metal door and cried for someone to help me. I screamed and shouted but all that came out of my mouth were unintelligible grunts and barks.

I rushed back to the glass and pressed my large hands on the glass trying to find someone to help me. I was trapped and a gorilla. It could not get worse.

As this was going on, I forgot about the fact that Jacob was behind me the whole time. I just sat my pudgy rear down on the fake grass to think about why this happened to me.

The male ape then sat behind me and dug his fingers into my furry back. Jacob then started pulling out bugs and fleas from my back and started eating them. I was grossed out by this and tried to leave, but the male ape grabbed me and forced me to sit back down. I grumbled as the male ape groomed me.

I scratched my body as the ape behind me continued to eat the bugs off my back. As I was forced to sit there angrily, I started to think. Back when I first met Jacob, he said that I would make a great mate. I thought that he was just being stupid, but now it makes sense. But how can can a gorilla do this to me, and why me of all people? My mind was distant, and for some reason it was glued to the thought of being that ape's mate. I gave my head a good shake, there's no way I'd mate with anything aside from an goril--- I mean a woman! Geez, where's my head?

After a while of being groomed by Jacob, Jessica comes along to see three things: I'm missing, my clothes are on the floor, and there's a huge female gorilla in the middle of the room being groomed by Jacob. She was shocked at all three at first, but then she came to a conclusion.

“So that's why you were acting so strange…. This female gorilla must've came from the wild and you were afraid that we were going to take her away from you!”

*Are you fucking kidding me?!?! Of all the conclusions,  that's the best you could come up with?!?!* I said in ape-speech.

“Hmm….looks like you scared away yet another employee. You even ripped off his clothes. I'll have to inform my boss about this…..” Jessica said as she left the room.

I started to get up and go chase after her while the door was still open but Jacob kept making me sit down. My efforts to escape were destroyed as I heard the door shut and my blood boiled. I was freaking out and starting grunting and screeching like a mad-ape. I flailed my long hairy arms about as I angrily slapped my meaty ape paws against the floor of the cage. After a while, I managed to calm down to an extent.

I turned around to look at Jacob, who continued to groom me. He then stared directly at me and winked at me again. I concluded that he thought something bad may happen to me if I just ran out like that, which made sense since all of the zoo employees were still around. Realizing this, I relaxed and started thinking of ways to get out when everyone leaves the zoo.

*A few hours later*

Jessica told our boss about me and zoo employees were flooding the gorilla enclosure. They checked me for any diseases, but nothing came up, which meant that I was confirmed to stay with Jacob. They even named me Michelle as a joke to the fact that I was the last guy to get chased away...

Jacob and I were in the sleeping room lying on our beds of hay. I would love to have my old bed back but this was better than nothing.

I woke up later to the sound of grunting, and it felt as though someone was sniffing me. I opened my eyes and found myself lying on my back staring at Jacob. He sniffed the fur on my head, right before reaching his arm down to pick me up. For some reason, I felt a bizarre attraction building up inside me. This ape was rather... Desirable. That same lust from earlier this afternoon was coming back, but why?

Being a hairy fat gorilla, it's not like I knew what to look for in a potential mate. I knew I shouldn't, but he was right there! Finally, a creature I could get some loving with! No, that's just idiotic. He's not even a human woman, why would I want to get it on with anything that isn't my ideal? Unless... I shouldn't have been looking for the ideal woman after all. The animal kingdom doesn't judge what you were, or what you had become. It was all about sex, eating, and hunting. Still, I needed to return to normal.

One problem still remained: Do I give into the ape's advances? Well, not for the moment, I needed to mull things over in my head a bit before I did that. I smacked Jacob with my big meaty monkey paw and traipsed over to the corner of the cage. I sat there in silent thought, as I wondered about who or what did this to me. I heard the male ape continuing to make his weird sounds in the background, my brain understood them as some sort of mating call. That ape wanted me bad, and all of this contemplating was getting boring. What else was there to do in this cage anyways? I turned my head and looked at the grinning ape, he wanted me almost as bad as I wanted him. Well... I doubt too many people would find out about this. And it's not like I had anything better to do anyways. As much as I wanted to ignore that building feeling of lust inside me, I found that I just couldn't. My lust, curiosity, and boredom all combined in a way that made me unspeakably horny. Regrettably, I walked over to the middle of the cage and bent over. I presented myself to the male ape, immediately regretting my decision in the process. The male ape made his way towards me, as he prepared to do the nasty. I soon realized that my lust for a significant other may be screwing me over in more ways then one. I still had no clue what had transformed me, or how long I'd be like this, but maybe this was better than my old life. No more chicks turning me down, and no more worries about my financial life. Let's just go with the flow and see what happens.

Jacob bore his rather large dick at me, as I found myself uncontrollably shaking my hairy rear.

Jacob grunted and slid his massive cock inside my fuzzy rear. I felt myself aroused and in a world of sensual delight. The hefty ape thrust in and out of me, giving it to me monkey-style while the two of us made a lot of grunting noises. Our love-making continued for a solid couple of hours, until the male ape became bored with sex. The two of collapsed into a hairy heap on the hay as we relaxed our now very tired bodies, knocking me unconscious in the process.


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Thanks for the fave and watch~!
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No problem~