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YotM Victim #3: Zach (Orangutan Body-Swap TG)
YotM Victim # 3: Zach
Jam desperately tried to swim away from the tidal wave, but the wave closed in on the crocodile before he could escape! The wave struck the crocodile and knocked him unconscious. Luckily, Jam's body was pretty buoyant and he was able to stay afloat without sinking like a stone. Jam's fat crocodile body was tossed around wildly by the waves, before washing him ashore a nearby beach. Jam opened his eyes as he finally regained consciousness. Jam was on some random beach, he wasn't sure exactly where he was!
He was still trapped in K. Rool's costume, meaning he was stuck as a fat anthropomorphic crocodile for the moment! The sun beat down heavily on Jam's overweight beached body. Jam tried to stand up, but the sun was too hot for him. On top of this, his body was so extremely tired that he could barely move! He lied in the sand on his big belly as the crocodile desperately tried to reach his arms around and pull down the zipper. Unfortunately, Jam's arms were long eno
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 13 11
Magic Ape Ball (Gorilla + Chimp TFs)
It had been a long night for me, as I had been partying all night long! I was celebrating my blog being three years old and I stayed up very late that night. After the party ended, I slid into bed as fast as I could and drifted off to slumber-land. I slept for a very large amount of time, while at the same time having very surreal dreams. The dreams involved me running through the jungle on all fours, or grinding up herbs with my bare fingers and rubbing them against my strangely hairy arms. It was strange and surreal, though not out of the norm for me. Dreams of these calibre are common for me, but what made them weird was how real felt.
I slept for what seemed like 10-12 hours and woke up at noon in my bed. My body felt heavy, extremely heavy! Like I had packed on 200 pounds over night. What's weird was that I was naked, yet it felt strangely warm as if my body was covered in fur or something. I was sure I went to bed naked! I thrashed my body around in a dazed stupor, while at the s
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 12 55
Mature content
Girl to Gorilla TF :iconx1justbrowsing1x:x1JustBrowsing1x 85 11
New to the Zoo: Gorilla Exhibit Part 2
Gorilla Exhibit Part 2
Collen was having a bad day. He thought this trip to the Blue Peak Zoo would be great. Turned out he was wrong. He dragged his best friend Trevor along with him but he knew that was a mistake. Trevor had done nothing but complain about the trip the entire time they had been there. So what if the tickets were half price due to the renovation. Most of the animals were still missing even though the exhibits were finished. Collen was just ready to give up and go home. But first he had to find where Trevor went.
The last time he saw his friend was in front of the empty gorilla exhibit. Collen finished his drink and needed to find the bathroom. Of course it was pretty far and difficult to get too. When he made his way back to the gorilla exhibit there was a large group of people standing in front of the window looking into the habitat. Nowhere among the crowds was Trevor. Collen wondered why there were so many people since there were no gorillas in the exhibit. He made
:iconblackfang19:blackfang19 2 0
New to the Zoo: Gorilla Exhibit Part 1
Gorilla Exhibit Part 1
Sunlight washed over the stone paths and dark trees of the Blue Peak Zoo. Collen and Trevor quickly walked down the hard path trying to make their way to the next exhibit. So far that day they had been highly disappointed. Most of the animals were still missing since the Blue Peak Zoo decided it was time to remodel. Now instead of the usual howls and cries of animals there were only the loud rattling and cranking of machines and loud cries of angry men.
“Tell me again why we came,” Trevor asked taking a sip from his overpriced soda. He was hot and bored. He wanted to see some animals roaming around their various habitats and instead he was just seeing upset children and their tired parents walking around desperately trying to find some of the leftover animals.
“I know it’s not special but the tickets were haft price while they continue the remodel. I read online that the zoo’s renovation cost more than they thought so they are taking
:iconblackfang19:blackfang19 2 0
King of the Zoo Part 2
King of the Zoo (Part 2)
Human>Gorilla (Situational)
Jacob sat there on his hairy bottom waiting. Since becoming a gorilla he was faced with hard times and moments he feared for his safety. None of that was like this. Jessie, his caretaker, was standing over him with cold eyes staring at him. It looked like when an owner caught a dog peeing on the rug. Only this was much worse. After two years she finally figured out that Jacob the Gorilla, the most famous gorilla in the world, was really a eighteen year old kid named Jacob Fisher that got a job at the Greenburg Zoo and inexplicitly turned into a gorilla on his first day.
Jessie stared at him after asking the question “Are you really Jacob Fisher?” and getting the answer she did not want to hear. Yes.
“I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it. It’s crazy but I know it’s true,” Jessie said and started walking around. Jacob sat there patiently waiting for the reality to sink in.
:iconblackfang19:blackfang19 6 0
King of the Zoo Part 1
King of the Zoo
Man>Gorilla (Situational)
It was Jacob’s first day at his new job at the Greenburg Zoo. He was not very thrilled but it was better than the grocery store he figured. He was finishing up his tour with one of the senior workers. Her name was Jessie and she had been working at the zoo since before she finished high school. She was very attractive with long black hair reaching down to her shoulders and deep brown eyes. Part of Jacob wanted to ask her out but he was only sixteen and she was Twenty so he knew he would be shot down.
Jacob struggled to listen to what she was saying but found himself drifting in and out as she talked. He kept looking around at all the different exhibits and objects scattered in different parts of the zoo. He visited the zoo a few times when he was young. But everyone else he just lost interest.
“That’s everything you need to know for today,” Jessie said and led him back to the employee room. This was basically all the emp
:iconblackfang19:blackfang19 12 1
Simian Serendipity (Ape TF, Emma Frost Fanfic)
My life has been full of unexplained surprises. When such an event has occurred, it always shits my life, my identity, and my future in surprising ways.
One day in particular changed everything. I mean that quite literally. The day I found out I was a psychic was a new hairdo compared to this day. It is, and always will be, seared on my mind.
Chapter One:
Two Years Earlier:
I was in my home when it happened. I was looking into my gaudy marble mirror, in my trophy room. In the reflection, I could see various plaques, ribbons, certificates, and statuettes in my honor. Some were related to the financial success of my company, while some were dedicated to my actions as a super-hero. Others were testaments to my beauty or my philanthropic ventures.
What the objects in the mirror and the reflection had in common was perfection, or as close to it as was humanly possible. Scratch that, as close to it as was super-humanly possible. Through my life had started with a few dark twists,
:iconmytransformations:Mytransformations 7 1
Samson's Curse 4 Gorilla Gardens
Samson’s Curse
Story 4
Gorilla Gardens
Sometimes when you have to deal with a curse, you find simple things difficult. Like being around a group of people and worrying about either turning into an animal or turning someone else into animal. If you’re like me, and really unlucky, you have to worry about everyone becoming animals. Take today for instance. I was on a field trip to the Bloomton Botanical Gardens in the town next to mine. It’s one of the requirements for my freshman biology class. I am on a crowded bus with my entire class and all I can think about is “Am I going to change today?” and “If I change then what will I become?” Things like that kind of put a damper on a field trip. As always my best friend and biology partner Peter is with me and is a rock in situations like this.
“Do you feel like changing? Are you transforming at all? When we get there we have to get away from everyone else. I’m so nervous. I don’t wa
:iconblackfang19:blackfang19 3 0
The Entranced Gorilla Part 1 (Gorilla TF)
If there's something I'll never stop hating, it's stage hypnosis! All of those hypnotists tend to be phony, I've been on stage with several hypnotists over the years and not one of them has ever put me under. Maybe I'm just hard to hypnotize, but I doubt these hypnotists know what they are doing. My hypnotherapist is the real deal, he's able to easily put me under with no sweat! I had always assumed the techniques of stage magicians held no water, they were all smoke and mirrors. Well, with the exception of hypnotist that I met who's techniques seemed rather unnatural. I met this special hypnotist one day at a resort. I was on my way to see a special marathon of King Kong they were airing at a theatre next door, when I happened across a performance hall.
In big gold letters were the words, "The Great Mikba: The World's Greatest Hypnotist!" What kind of a name is "Mikba"? I thought only magicians had weird fake-sounding names like that! Now, I was truly intrigued, how great was this mag
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 24 30
FAQ TF Adventures EP. 4 (Orangutan TF)
Hey everyone, I'm back with more questions! I spent a little too much time as a mannequin, I keep wanting to wear fancy clothes. XD Today, I will be turning myself into an orangutan using this gene-splicing machine. Afterwards, I will change myself back! Let's see how many questions I can answer before I lose the ability to speak English. XD Before I start morphing myself, let's answer a few questions!
1. What was the first TF picture / story you had ever seen?
Probably one of Rex Equinox's pics. There are a few different TFs and artists I glanced upon in the community in the early days. One of which was Ness, another was Fenchurch, and there were a few others.
2. Do you have more Halloween TF stuff planed other then Transformaween?
Yep, but you'll have to wait and see. :)
3. You mentioned you were considering volunteering at a community radio station in January, what station is it?
I'm gonna keep that private, as it may lead to an identity leak. I'll probably tell a few trusted friend
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 3 5
Mature content
Goddess Of The Apes (Orangutan Body-Swap TG TF) :iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 18 41
Mature content
Mating Apes (Orangutan TG TF) :iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 22 0


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